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Devils Tower

photo Devils tower Wyoming


Are you staying in Deadwood for awhile and want to take a day trip? Devils Tower may be the perfect option.


Depending on the route you take – Devils Tower is 75 to 90 miles one-way from Deadwood.  The drive is part of the fun though.  It is a great mix of timber and prairie areas, giving  you a great glimpse of the area.  If you are wanting to make it an all day long trip, be sure to incorporate Spearfish Canyon into the route.


More About Devils Tower

President Theodore Roosevelt declared Devils Tower the first National Monument in 1906.  It rises up 867 feet from its base.  There are several hiking trails and a small museum.  It is a popular climbing destination – most summer days you’ll see many people climbing.  Over 5000 people a year attempt to climb Devils Tower.

If you find yourself in the Hulett around lunchtime – be sure to check out the Ponderosa Cafe.  They serve up some great burgers and have other menu options as well.

How to get to Devils Tower from Deadwood

Devils Tower is located just east of the far Northwest portion of the Black Hills National Forest, in an area known as the Bear Lodge Mountains.

Find a map (there is a free one here) and there are free maps at many businesses in the area.

Route option 1 – Take Highway 85 to Belle Fourche SD, Take highway 34 to Hulett, then travel 9 miles south to Devils Tower

Route option 2 – Take 85 to I-90.  Travel to Wyoming Exit 199.  Take 111 to the junction with 24.  Travel to Hulett and follow 24 to Devils Tower.

Route option 3 – Take option 2.  Instead of taking exit 199 continue to exit 185 and follow 14 all the way to Devils Tower (this is the longest route)

Optional – from Deadwood, travel south on 85 to include Spearfish Canyon in the trip.