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Mt Roosevelt

image Mt roosevelt, black hills national forest

Mt Roosevelt, Black Hills National Forest, near Deadwood SD

Mt. Roosevelt is only a few miles away from Deadwood and offers amazing views on the short, not to strenuous hike. You can see Bear Butte to the East, North Dakota to the North (obviously), Bear Lodge Mountains to the northwest, Terry, Custer and Harney Peaks to the south.  And views of Lead and Deadwood.

It is also home to the Friendship monument also called Friendship Tower.  Seth Bullock conceived it as a memorial for Theodore Roosevelt.  The Society of Black Hills Pioneers built it and it was dedicated one July 4th, 1919.

Read my Mount Roosevelt blog post to see the recent improvements made to Friendship Tower.

Check out my video that starts out on Deadwood’s main street.  Then it turns north on Hwy 85, hang a left on Mt Roosevelt Rd (the turn for Lodge at Deadwood) and continues on Mt Roosevelt Rd until you see the sign.  It is a bumpy gravel road and I don’t believe the road is plowed in the winter, so keep that in mind

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