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Saint Ambrose

So if you know anything about Deadwood’s history, you have heard of Mount Moriah.  But, the historic city has another cemetery.  St Ambrose Cemetery is a Catholic cemetery that was founded in 1880.Angel Statue in St Ambrose Cemetery  You may have seen photos of the angel statue located here in this hillside resting place.

The bodies put to rest here are not as famous as the ones just across the gulch, but this areas is still worth a visit.  This is the final resting place of some of the families that built the city and the last plot was sold in the 1950s.  The cemetery was transferred to the city in 2003.  There has been a lapse in maintenance, however, a $1 million dollar renovation is underway.  This project will thin some of the trees, repair historic ironwork and shore up retaining walls.

How do you get to this 3.9 acres cemetery.  The easiest way is to park in the large parking lot on lower Main Street.  Walk across the road to Burnham Ave, continue up Burnham until you reach Pleasant Street.  Go Left down pleasant street until you find the main gate.  Look at my Deadwood Map to see the location.

Visiting this cemetery is just one of the many ways to experience the History of Deadwood and the Black Hills.  Be sure to also visit the Adams House and Museum, the Days of 76 Museum. If you really want to understand Deadwood’s rich history I encourage you to read Raiding Deadwood’s Bad Lands you will have a new understanding of Deadwood’s history.


Here is a short video of the area, be sure to check it out yourself when visiting the Black Hills.