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The Nugget

picture of the nugget bar in Deadwood sd


The Nugget bar is a great place to have a nice drink and talk with friends.  This is the perfect spot to hangout awhile before having dinner or enjoying some live music.  When you sit down at the bar, the bartender will remember what your drink is and how you like it.




picture The Nugget Bar Deadwood SDThe Nugget Bar is easy to find, it is in the end of the Badlands Casino or just across the street from the Mineral Palace.  This is also just up the block from the Belle Joli tasting room.


I must admit this is my current favorite bar in Deadwood, in large part to bartender John.  He lives just around the corner from me and he just a really nice guy to talk to.  If you happen to stroll into the Nugget when John is tending the bar tell him Josh sent you.  If you are going to be in town more than one day, I’m sure you’ll go back.


If you are just starting the night here remember there are plenty of good places to eat and lots of casinos to checkout, or you could just stay here all night.