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 Ride the trolley around Historic Deadwood

The easiest way to get a good look at Historic Deadwood is to take a ride on the Trolley.  The trolley system was reintroduced to Deadwood in 1992 after a 68 year hiatus.  They operate 16 to 20 hours per day and cost just one dollar to ride.


Deadwood Trolley Stops

Lower Main Information Center

Days of 76 Campground

Deadwood Express

Cadillac Jacks

Lower Main Information Center

Tin Lizzie / Four Aces

616 Main Street

Mustang Sally’s

Buffalo Bar


Franklin Hotel

Broken Boot Gold Mine

Gold Country Inn

Wells Fargo


Sherman Street Parking Lot

Super 8

Deadwood Gulch Resort

Black Hills Inn and Suites

Thunder Cove Inn

Best Western

Cedar Wood Inn

Sherman St Parking

Deadwood Dicks


Holiday Inn Express

Bullock Hotel

Gem Steakhouse


The trolleys operate 365 days a year.  Look at my map of Deadwood to see all the attractions, hotels, casinos and dining options the trolley goes by.