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Model Train

model train Deadwood South Dakota

When you are wandering up and down Deadwood’s Main Street be sure to checkout the model train.  This is a great  Deadwood attraction for the whole family.


Take time to soak in all the detail of this diorama.   There are some really funny scenes depicted here.  This is located in the basement of the Bad Lands Casino, home of the Nugget Bar.  This building is the final location of the brothels that were shutdown in 1980.  To fully appreciate the building and the town I recommend you read Raiding Deadwood’s Bad Lands.  Local Author and attorney Michael Trump recalls the history of Deadwood in this amazing book.

Now if you happen to be a train enthusiast, the South Dakota State Railroad Museum is just one hour away in Hill City.  Or you can view a compressed air powered locomotive just a few miles away in Lead.