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Boondocks Deadwood South Dakota Black Hills

Boondock’s is just 9 miles south of Deadwood on US Highway 385.  There is so much to do.  Have something to eat at the diner, get an old time photo, see all the unique gifts in the store and enjoy the rides.


The diner was moved in over 50 years ago.  Stop in for a great burger, some hand cut fries and a chocolate malt.  Enjoy your meal and look out the window at all the classic cars.

Get a photo to remember your visit by.  You can choose old west, 1950s or more.  Get a picture with your motorcycle, classic car or just a great family picture.

Did you know they have carnival rides too?  You can see the Ferris wheel in the photo above, but the have a Tilt-A-Whirl, Scrambler and Octopus.  What a beautiful setting, in the middle of the Black Hills, to enjoy the rides you grew up with.

And, there is a museum.  See a jacket made for Elvis.  Loads of Hollywood items on display.  This is a great little scenic drive from Deadwood.