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Deadwood Mountain Grand opens

Today is the day.  Deadwood Mountain Grand opens its doors today at 10AM.  This is an exciting day for Deadwood.  This much anticipated project has been in the works for years.  The remodeled Slime plant holds a 2,500 seat events center – many concerts have already been announced, with more on the way.


The hotel is set to open in the fall.

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  • Lori Schaaf August 31, 2011, 4:22 pm

    this was my first year attending the Kool deadwood night, I was so excited to do the poker walk, and i ended up drawing All DIAMONDS, thought i had a chance to win until i heard how people play, they buy several sheets and when they draw a card they choose which sheet the card goes on, well i had 1 sheet and every card i drew was a diamond, where if you play it right you do not choose the sheet the card goes to, the shitty sheet or good sheet. a gal next to us told us how they got the 4 of a kind well hell thats pretty much cheating, RIGHT???

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