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photo Deadwood South Dakota


Where is Deadwood South Dakota?

You can find this old mining town in the Northern Black Hills.  Visit my Black Hills Map page for an interactive map.


You can access Deadwood from Interstate 90 at exit 17, then take US Highway 85 for 12 miles South or from exit 30 take US Highway 14A West for 12 Miles.  Deadwood is 50 miles from Rapid City, SD, 14 Miles from Sturgis SD and 15 miles from Spearfish SD.


Hill City SD to Deadwood is about 43 miles.  Take US Highway 16 for 4 miles, turn North at the US Highway 385 junction and travel for 37 miles.


More about Deadwood

Deadwood is a small city in South Dakota, less than 1.300 people at last count.  However, the head count often swells to several thousand for the many events held in Deadwood.

It was originally an illegal mining camp in the late 1870’s, recently made famous by HBO’s Deadwood: The Complete Series.   Today, the entire town is a historic landmark.  Gambling has be legalized (although it has been a part of the town from the beginning) and revenue is restoring and maintaining many of the historical buildings.

Deadwood is surrounded by the Black Hills National Forest.   Over one million public acres of land – the recreational opportunities are almost unlimited.  Black Hills Hiking is popular and Near by Spearfish Canyon is definitely worth a visit.